4 season sleeping bag with Stitch print with light blue heart
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4 season sleeping bag with Stitch print with light blue heart

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A 4 season sleeping bag with the Disney print is an ideal product for children.

A Demi-Season model.

This type of sleeping bag can be used all year round - thanks to its versatility.

Which is suitable for any season!

It is made up of two parts:

- Summer and Winter!!!

Converts to 2 Covers.

The summer part made of premium cotton with digital graphics on 2 sides.

The upper part is made of velvet with additional closures for the winter part.

Measurements 0/6 - 0/12.

You can add:

- hair.

- Slippers.

- The embroidered writing of the name.

This sleeping bag made of soft and comfortable materials to ensure a peaceful sleep for your baby.

All hypoallergenic materials!!!

It is important to note that before purchasing a sleeping bag, you should consider the right size for your baby.

Overall, a 4 season Disney print sleeping bag can be a great investment to ensure your baby sleeps comfortably and peacefully all year round while having fun with their favorite Disney characters.

For information @juliatextile.it

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